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The Warehouse Wollongong

Best Gym & Group Fitness Deal in Wollongong. Try The Transformation Coach Program.

Unlimited introductory Group Fitness classes for 6 weeks for $2.35 a day. 23 classes a week to choose. Many classes every day except Friday.

With this very low-cost deal you can enjoy six weeks of up to 138 fitness classes for just $99.

Our Group Fitness Deal will run for 6 weeks from Monday 24th July until Sunday 3rd September. Weekly instalments or one week FREE trial available.

Bonus deal! Get a further 25-33% OFF. See the Mates Rates for 2 or more purchases on the right side of this page.

Group fitness sessions are open to men and women from all age groups and abilities, with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied!

This deal gets you access to small classes and state-of-the-art fitness equipment with motivational and qualified trainers. You’ll be part of the very popular functional training with small groups and one-on-one training to help you burn the calories that will deliver the weight you choose.

MATES Rates Special Offer

Ask your friends or family to join you!
Buy from 2 to 9 introductory group fitness passes together & get 25% OFF each of them (including your own). Buy 10 or more & get ONE THIRD OFF each one. Get your family, workplace or team involved – they can attend at any time that suits them, one option is for a workplace and employees to share the instalments.

(Group discount only applies to full price & instalments options, not the free trial. The total price will adjust as you pay at checkout.)

What do I get?

Our group training routines are customised for the individual. You get the benefits of group training, and a one-on-one fitness session. The session caters for your particular requirements on that day.

We focus on so-called functional training, including squatting, lunging, bending, rotating, pushing and pulling. It is proven by research, and also highly popular with customers.

It’s assisted by use of the full range of gym equipment described below.

Friendly Group Fitness and Gym access for 6 weeks

The Training Warehouse has been operating for five years and owners Grant Barlow and Max Lemme are industry experts with 40 years’ experience as fitness professionals. They lead 14 qualified personal trainers to help you with every step of your small group and one to one fitness improvement.

The Warehouse is a community-based gym where everyone is equal and treated with respect. Our top-quality equipment sits within 620 square metres of open indoor space. No over-crowding here!

The cardio and strength training equipment includes cardio machines, boxing bags (long & short), kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes, sprint bands, TRX suspension training, swiss balls, chin up stations, monkey bars, sprinting sleds, glute and hamstring developer (GHD), torsonator, olympic bars and platforms. You’ll be shown how to use all of them… step by easy step.

Customised training to achieve your fitness outcomes

If anyone has any injury concerns the sessions also cater for that. Conditions like bad backs, bad knees, bad shoulders etc aren’t a problem for Max Lemme and the experienced group of 14 trainers he leads. They know exactly how to handle them for you.

Max Lemme and his team at the Warehouse Facility do a full movement assessment in the first session. Your particular 6-week fitness training program is then adjusted to suit your conditions, and deliver you the best personal outcomes.

Routines for weight loss, strength, flexibility and balance

Among other things, you’ll learn the following routines:

  • Fat burning including a full body workout consisting of functional movement patterns and core work.
  • Upper body routine for biceps and triceps, with a huge cardio element focusing on upper body.
  • Strength and conditioning, with a focus on core strength and involving a solid but achievable workout.
  • The chest and back routines taught are ideal for anyone wanting to put toning on or muscle. You’ll learn correct technique in regard to depth of chest movements.
  • The training will use a superset format so you get a cardio element with the focus on short, regular rest periods

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Our discounted Early Bird Group Fitness Deal is available until midnight 24th July

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Convenient and numerous group fitness class times

Our Group Fitness Deal will run for 6 weeks from Monday 24th July until Sunday 3rd September. You can join the join group classes for up to 2 weeks after they start, from Monday 24th July to Monday 7th August.

We will be running at least 138 classes during this period offering a flexible opportunity to enjoy any of 23 classes each week. You get unlimited access to any of these classes, all of which are led by a qualified fitness instructor, classes may be as small as ten people.


Where to find us

The Warehouse Training Facility, with the Max Lemme team of personal trainers, is situated in Wollongong CBD:

37 Atchison St
New South Wales 2500

*Terms & Conditions
*Payment by instalments is only available online via this page.
It cannot be reserved at the gym in cash or any other way.
The Money Back Guarantee is available only for 2 weeks after course commencement.
Classes sell out. Please buy a pass now to get the class times that suit you best.

Contact Info

37 Atchison St
New South Wales 2500
P: 0402197446